R18 Otome Game Review: Sanzen sekai yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~

This review has been sitting in my drafts for a while, but it was Girls Dynamics’ miraculous return from the dead with upcoming Princess Britania that finally got me around finishing it! There doesn’t seem to be any reviews for the full game in English, which I found a little surprising at first… and a little less surprising once I actually finished the game.

In year 20xx humanity has undergone a vast change with the realization of the Multiverse theory. To general public, this simply means the existence of a parallel universe and only a select few are privy to the hidden secret. One of them is bounty hunter Tomoe Nakahara, who after a hitman gig finds out that the parallel universe contains a counterpart for every living person. Both of them are connected so that if one of them dies in their universe, the other one immediately loses their life in another. Thus Tomoe sets on a journey to find her counterpart in the parallel world, setting a bigger series of events in motion.

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