R18 Otome Game Review: Bocchimusume × Produce-keikaku.

Almost two years without an update, but never fear, for I have returned with a review for Bocchimusume × Produce-keikaku. (ボッチムスメ×プロデュース計画。) by Kalmia8!
The protagonist Ema Tachibana is quite literally a huge loner without a single friend. Because her intimidating stature and strong facial features draw uncalled attention, she tries to live her life as low-profile as possible. However, her uniqueness catches the eye of Miki Hiraizumi, an aspiring fashion designer declaring he’s found his ultimate muse in Ema. Together with his photographer friend Saitou Shinjou they decide on turning gloomy Ema into a world-famous high fashion model for Miki’s line, but they soon find whipping her uncooperative butt to shape will take more effort than they thought!

As of July 2016, MangaGamer has announced they will be localizing Bocchimusume as Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome. As far as I know, this is the first R-18 otome game officially released in English, so I highly recommend western otome gamers to give Kalmia8 and MangaGamer their support!

The review will contain slight spoilers for the game etc. So, without further ado, レッツボッチ!

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